Drixx Sixx

Adriano Siqueira's got his nickname Drixx Sixx thanks to the social networks. He is originally from Brazil, also lived in Sweden and right now, chose Mexico as home country.

He works professionally in North America, South America and Europe as a Guitar Player, Music Producer and Composer.


Playing Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and some other stringed instruments, Drixx has participated in countless musical styles and collaborated with several artists as Luiza Possi (Brazil), Vanessa Gerbelli (Brazil), Nanne Grönwall (Sweden), Raven Cole (Sweden), Terje Ökshei (Norway), Patrik Eriksson (Finland) and Paulina Sayen (Chile), among many others.


As a partner and artistic director in StageFuzz Artistic Productions, Drixx have participated as musician and music producer in a great number of musical projects: Bartira Fortes (Sweden), Evolution (Brazil), Penny Black (Scottland), Joakim Brunström (Sweden) to name a few.

The StageFuzz company also provides musical works for TV, Radio and Internet.


After more than 20 years working with Music Education, Drixx has established himself as an Instruments and Music Content teacher.

Having worked for many years in  important schools such as CLAM, Sons, E-Lab, Musicbit, Maple Bear and Red House, he managed to perfect the teaching and learning methods for greater results.

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Adriano has always considered and used computers as musical instruments, diving into experimentation and learning to create, produce and innovate with softwares and hardwares available to art creators.

Combining his skills and knowledge, he also works as a music software educator for groups or individuals.

His courses range from in-depth training and use of main music production software as well as theoretical and practical content in Music and Music Technology


Drixx went through Music University in Brazil (FMCG-SP) concluded an Undergraduate 5 year Program in Sao Paulo at FASCS and and 7 year private music tuition at CLAM, studying with illustrious musicians such as Conrado Paulino, Amilton Godoy and Mozart Mello among many others.

He has also participated in a great number of courses in Pedagogy, Software Training, Music Content and Instruments qualification, including reputed schools.

Gathered valuable experience  for more than 3 decades in musical projects, performing, recording, composing, arranging and teaching.


Here is a list of Artists, Musicians, Bands and Musical Projects that Drixx has worked with:

tv show live example - brazil