This craft is something that always has been a part in Drixx musical career.

He has composed for many different genres and applications, including artists albums and singles, advertising, soundtracks for theatrical plays and even own artistic projects.

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Besides his long hours in the studio tailoring his skills as a producer, Adriano has worked for many years as arranger/transcriber for a show & ceremonies company, so he is used to writing for many types of musical groups.

You can choose arrangements for specific sections such as brass, strings, horns or percussion. Or even order full group arrangements in almost any genre you can think of.

Music Production

Producing is an art in itself and Drixx philosophy is to provide what the musical project needs. Sometimes it's technical, sometimes it's emotional and a lot of times, it requires both, when knowledge meets feelings.

Well accustomed to coaching bands and artists, from the composition stage to arrangement, recording  and mixing, Adriano can help you translate your ideas to real musical pieces.

Mix & Master

These are the final stages, where the performances are already recorded and everything needs to be placed accordingly, prioritizing elements and shifting focus as the musical piece develops.

As always in professional music industry, the process needs technical skills associated with creativity, and Drixx has worked in one too many projects crafting this talent, mixing and mastering by himself or advising musical engineers.

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Check out some work examples:

Produced Artist - Bartira Fortes

Drixx Sixx: Songwriting, Recording, Producing

Co-Produced Band - Grambells

Drixx Sixx: Co-Arranging, Recording, Co-Producing

TV & Radio Campaign - SESI

Drixx Sixx: Songwriting, Recording, Producing

Internet Campaign - Marisa

Drixx Sixx: Co-Songwriting, Recording, Producing

Produced Artist - Joakim Brunström

Drixx Sixx: Songwriting, Recording, Producing

Internet Campaign - RockUse

Drixx Sixx: Co-Songwriting and Recording

You can have Drixx collaborating from his own studio even if your project happens in other parts of the world.


Contact for a meeting, project review, fees, setting targets and defining the production steps to be taken.


If you need a music coach for your band or music group, Drixx can help you through the process of putting a song or a show together, before a presentation or recording session.